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Accredited University Programs

Thinktomi, Silicon Valley’s Business School of Innovation, in partnership with Harrisburg University of Science and Technology, a US accredited private-nonprofit university in Pennsylvania, offers a unique, fully accredited graduate course in entrepreneurship education in Silicon Valley.


The course will be offered in a workshop format, combining talks from instructors and  Silicon Valley thought leaders. The goal of the course is to pitch a business idea by the end of the two weeks.

Our speakers and trainers are experienced leaders and startup ecosystem thought leaders, who have built successful businesses, law practices, investment funds, and social enterprises in Silicon Valley and beyond. These speakers will present dynamic, real world content, real case studies and personal stories to the participants. Each presenter has more than 15 years of experience in their field and has been carefully selected because of their extensive network and influence in major Silicon Valley companies. 

COURSE DESCRIPTION | Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Start-Ups (3 credits)

Entrepreneurship has fanned out around the globe, but its center of excellence undoubtedly lies in Silicon Valley. This is where the “innovation – venture capital – startup” engine that created powerhouses like Apple, Cisco, Facebook, Google, and Intel began. Every day, groundbreaking companies such as PayPal, Netflix, Uber, Tesla, and Airbnb are challenging the status quo, transforming age-old industries, and changing our lives in profound ways. Students interested in founding, growing, or leading a startup would benefit tremendously from this two week  workshop-style course where they will hear from Silicon Valley thought leaders and entrepreneurs as they work on creating their own startup.

TOPICS | The course will include the following...

• Entrepreneurial Leadership

• Building a Team

• Lean Method and Business Model Canvas

• Identifying the Problem

• Defining your Market

• Go-to-Market and Business Models

• Capital/Fund Raising – Venture Capital

• Scaling and Growing your company

• Psychology of Running Your Company

• Telling Your Story (Pitching)

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