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University Accredited - High School Entrepreneurship Course

College Students

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Entrepreneurship and innovation have become the drivers of transformative change.  It now impacts careers and one's mindset that has transformed age-old industries and challenge status-quo.

This course is an Interactive & immersive 15 - 45  hour (plus assignments) workshop especially designed for High School students to introduce key concepts in innovative and entrepreneurial thinking and methods, Silicon Valley style and to inspire, inform, and engage young minds.



High School students seeking to understand what is innovation and what it takes to create or work in start-ups, would benefit from a practical knowledge of this course.


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Here are the introductory topics we will cover:

  • Introduction to Innovation and Entrepreneurship

  • Thinking like an entrepreneur

  • Identifying a problem

  • Solving a problem and defining a value proposition

  • Building a product using the LEAN method 

  • Identifying your target market

  • Developing a go-to-market strategy

  • Determining your business model

  • Building a team and splitting equity

  • Creating basic financial plan 

  • Raising money - fundamentals

  • Telling a story in 4 mins

  • Incorporating social impact in your company

In this introductory workshop, you will through entire process of starting a startup Silicon Valley style

We offer both University Accredited and Non-Accredited Programs.



Our Entrepreneurs

What they say

As a high schooler, Thinktomi’s Entrepreneur Playbook provided me with a real world experience on how to take an idea and make it solid enough to present in front of an investor. I would strongly recommend this course to any aspiring entrepreneurs

Jay Krishnasamy, Dougherty Valley HS, Univ of Washington

Over the course we developed our business idea as a team and continuously refined it. We also improved our pitches to be presented to a VC. I learned so many new things 

Ishmael Rico, San Leandro HS, Co-Founder TIEIN

I enjoyed The Entrepreneur's Playbook mainly because it was a practitioner's teaching approach. You build a toolkit with a new perspective and motivation to innovate change for tomorrow.

Timothy Perez, San Leandro HS. Temple University

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