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Train-the-Teacher and Train-the-Faciliator Model

In order to ensure high-quality classroom experience, Thinktomi uses a “train-the-teacher” and “train-the-facilitator” model to scale efforts and be able to teach in new locations---no matter the distance, remoteness, or differences in language or culture. By identifying and training talented and enterprising individuals  who are attuned to the unique local entrepreneurship and business landscape of the area, we can ensure that attendees receive high-quality Thinktomi education that is customized for their particular location and surroundings.


In turn, local facilitators share useful feedback about the adaptation of the curriculum in their area to the Thinktomi team to inform and impact curriculum and future offerings. Additionally, Thinktomi graduates from different locations can connect with each other through the T-Global network to continue the cycle of learning and sharing.


  • Navigate effectively through the DCMP

  • Understand the resources available for class preparation

  • Complete StrengthsFinder assessment

  • Practice faciliating multiple modules

  • Schedule followup online trainings

Training Objectives

"I recently attended Thinktomi's faciliator traning and in addition to learning how to use their DCMP, I had a great time."


Sabitre Rodriguez

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