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Since a key aspect of startup growth and scalability often comes down to funding, this program offers an opportunity to level the playing field for entrepreneurs and also help individuals build the next generation of venture capital and impact capital. 


Value Engineering is an emerging field that involves a 3 step process to identify, manage, and close sale opportunities. This program offers an overview of this technique which is used by large companies.


Besides the traditional Crowdfunding (product funding) on Kickstarter and others the Federal and State governments have taken significant steps towards Crowdfunding by introducing new laws and options that makes available various methods to raise capital. Learn all the methods that are currently available to you.


Design-led marketing focuses on the (what?) experience and the user experience. Learn the importance of this methodology and how it is applicable to your business


Design Thinking is a methodology that has gained significant popularity in the past few years. It is used by designers to solve complex problems and find solutions for clients. Learn how logic, imagination, intuition and systematic reasoning that can deliver outcomes to benefit the end user.


The decisions and composition of the board can have a determinative affect on the actions of the company. To better understand the inner workings of the boardroom, Thinktomi offers this Playbook in an Entrepreneurs' Edition and in a Board Compliance Edition.


Entrepreneurial innovation isn't just for Startups. This playbook helps directors and executives determine actionable ways to foster and encourage innovation within their organizations. For employees, the Intrapreneurship Edition introduces strategies and avenues to innovate and create cross-functional solutions to impact the broader business. 

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