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Innovative Thinking, Entrepreneurship and Business Methodologies

Thinktomi provides teacher training and content. Our Dynamic Content Management Platform makes content available for Schools, Community Colleges and Universities.

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At Thinktomi, we firmly believe in the power of face-to-face networking and learning.  Live class meetups enable synergy with fellow attendees and a deeper understanding of the concepts through class engagement and exercises.


Thinktomi pairs the benefits of an in-class experience with the advantages of technology. We recognize that technology enables us to enhance learning and allow our education to reach a larger audience by connecting speakers and students across countries and continents.

The Facilitated Classroom:

Thinktomi Approach to Learning

In order to strike a balance between in-class learning and technology-aided distance education, Thinktomi has adopted a facilitated classroom approach. Facilitators engage students through exercises and classroom discussions. Technology can be used to ensure that the highest quality of thought leaders can share their knowledge with the class---whether in-person or virtually.


Our facilitation model allows us to deliver quality content directly from Silicon Valley, while live facilitators adapt and engage students locally.

"Our partnership with Thinktomi is inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs!"


Heather Garcia

Asst. Superintendent School Leadership/IB, Natomas Unified School District

Principal, Inderkum High School

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