Our desire to create impact is core to our mission at Thinktomi.

For that reason, we incorporated as a Public Benefit Corporation, a new legal structure for startups who are mission-aligned.


We hope to provide avenues of entrepreneurship to people of all ages and backgrounds by teaching our Playbooks to students from diverse socio-economic, cultural, and geographic backgrounds. 

We have worked with at-risk youth, immigrant entrepreneurs, minority founders, non-profit leaders, and look forward to continue programs that widen the funnel of entrepreneurship and innovation.

In addition to creating profitable businesses, we also seek to provide our aspiring entrepreneurs the background and tools they need to pursue social impact. Consequently, we teach a Social Entrepreneurship module in every Playbook. Here, students see examples of social entrepreneurs who are redefining business through impact, ways to fund social ventures, and different legal structures to support and sustain their work. 

We look forward to finding new ways and developing partnerships to better serve, spark, and empower new entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs.

Connect with us.


Do you have questions about one of our products? Would you like us to build a custom program? Perhaps you'd like to discuss the latest Silicon Valley methodologies?  Send us an email and we'll get back to your shortly!


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