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Entrepreneur's Playbook ONLINE


This INTRODUCTORY course combines a high quality academic offering with an immersion experience in Silicon Valley Startup Ecosystem that includes interaction with thought leaders and, entrepreneurs.


April 30th, 2018

10 classes


What it's all about.

Like any high school student you are looking to get into a college of your choice. While we strongly encourage that, we also want to open your mind to think differently and possibly even create your own career and find ways where you can make an impact in the world. Learn from the Silicon Valley experts on how you can make a difference.


The course would be offered in 2 formats: 45-Hour University Accredited Undergraduate Course and a 24-Hour Self Study Program. The course will be run over a 3-month period. The University program has specific course requirements that requires additional out-of-class homework assignments - reading, writing, group work, and working on projects and assignments.

The course will be offered in as a workshop style combination of talks by the instructor and Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and small group sessions with these entrepreneurs and thought leaders.  

45-hours University Accredited Undergraduate Course

Duration plus assignments
Class Size
Access to
Learning Content
3.5 hours/week for 13 weeks
Live classes – attendance compulsory
Yes - live and recorded


Non-Accredited Course

4 hours/week for 7 weeks
Required but not compulsory
(live and recorded)
Yes - live and recorded




4 hours/week for 7 weeks (recommended)
Recommended for maximum benefit
Live classes – attendance compulsory
Instructors/Guest Speakers
Access to Annual 
Prime Membership
Upon Successful Completion
3-credits - University transferable Awarded by Harrisburg University 
Certificate of Completion
Available for Q&A
Certificate of Completion


  • What is innovation and entrepreneurship all about and why has it become important in today’s global economy?

  • How to think innovatively, develop an idea, define a product, solution and create a business.

  • The fundamentals of market research and how to choose your target customer

  • How do you make customers aware of your product?

  • What are the legal forms available for your business?

  • How do you raise capital and what are the consequences?

  • How do you build a simple financial model?

  • How can operate and manage your business?

  • How do you tell and effective story – an elevator and 5-minute pitch

Starting April 30th | Limited spots!


Innovation and Thinking Like An Entrepreneur
According to the US Department of Labor 65% of the children entering school will eventually work at jobs that don't exist today. This is due to the disruptive technologies that are emerging on a daily basis. Innovation has led to disruption and also people creating their own careers.
Types of Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurial Leadership
Besides yearning to make a Billion $$ learn how you can incorporate people, planet and profits as a part of your venture
Identifying The Problem 
Learn the importance of identifying that problem. Is your solution a nice to have or must have?
Company Ownership and the Team

What makes up company ownership? How do founders, co-founders structure ownership equity. Learn the key aspects of company ownership and building a team

Lean Method
The “Lean Startup” has become the Silicon Valley Bible for starting companies. It helps startups drive and steer their startup for ongoing product development using the concept of Build Measure, Learn
Solution and Value Proposition
What is your solution and value proposition to your end customer? Learn how you can use the Lean Methodology to test your solution and value proposition.
Product Market Fit
Identifying your Product Market Fit is key to your business. Learn how you define the TAM, SAM, SOM, Target Persona and Beachhead Market
Is your product B2C, B2B or B2B2C. Learn how to define your go-to-market strategy?
Business Models

During the past 10 years business models have changed given Cloud and Mobile based applications. Learn the new business models and how you can incorporate them into your business

Funding - How Will You Fund Your Company
Funding can be key to your business. Learn about the various forms of capital – Angel, Venture Capital, Crowdfunding and Grants
How do you plan to reach your customers? Digital marketing and the use of social media has become critical. Learn how you can use these tools to build and create customer awareness
The Art & Science of Pitching
How do you tell a powerful story about your company in the form of an Elevator and 5-minute pitch? Using the Thinktomi Business Canvas (TBC) learn the key components to be included in your pitch.
How do your build a financial model for your company? Why do you need it? Learn how to build a simple cash flow model to manage your business
Company Operations
What are some of fundamental operational processes do you need to have in place? Learn the basics of company operations from finances to managing people

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